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Keli Brianna Bell Bandy
BS, Certified Rolf Practitioner

Below are some of the major influences in my life that brought me to wanting to share this work and the potential gifts it offers.

  • Polo competition- I played Polo all through my time at Culver Academy, became National All Star twice. Being a member of the Black Horse troop I had the honor of riding in Inaugural Parade.
  • Photography – appreciation of beauty from behind the lens and reproducing it for others
  • Appreciation of life and death
  • My relationship with my horses and the mentors who taught me that, just like Rolfing, is not just a physical experience. It is a mental – emotional and physical opportunity for growth and understanding of yourself and the world around you.
  • EMT and Para Medic training
  • My passion for life , adventure and discovery and the opportunity to share this with others
  • Self and body consciousness awareness through horsemanship and working with them . ~ awareness of the influence of balance on energetic and functional relationship with horses and people.

While at Texas A&M I created a business which I still maintain, braiding the horses for Dressage competition for Region 9.  “Bri the Braider”

I graduated from Texas A&M then went on to study Rolfing at the Guild for Structural Integration (SI) or Rolf Method of SI. and have been mentoring with Norma – my mom – since graduation.

We often do sessions together – called 4 handed work . It is an incredible experience for all.