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Norma Bell Bandy

BSRN, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Movement Teacher, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Somatic Experience Graduate

I studied Social Work, Psychology and Nursing at Texas Woman’s University . My focus was in Surgery, Newborn Intensive Care. I was introduced to this incredible process in 1969, while still at TWU, in such a way I knew it was the work I was to do. After completing the Rolfing training in Colorado I moved to Austin and began my practice of Rolfing. Midwifery became a part of my life studies and assisting in births in Austin was a gift I value. I was able to use my Rolfing and Nursing knowledge and experience with the moms and babies at births.

My other passions include horses, water rafting, cycling, golf, snow skiing, volley ball and basket ball. When I lived in Colorado I applied the Rolfing and Rolf movement principles to horses and their riders, professional volley ball teams , dancers, while in Texas I have had the honor of working with the Houston Rockets and some of the Dallas Cowboys and many professional Golfers, musicians and dancers.

We often do sessions together – called 4 handed work. It is an incredible experience for all.