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BNB Rolfing Austin
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 by Haley Townsend
Healthy Ironman

I started coming to see Brianna to get relief from a training injury that would not heal. The work I continued with her through my Ironman training helped to get me successfully to the finish line!

 by Susan Zbranek

For those of you with pain, physical or even heart ache pain... consider Rolfing (yes it’s called Rolfing) instead of massage. Hit the source. I know it sounds off at first, but I’ve had severe back pain a couple of times in life after an accident in my 20’s and been through many options... then I met Norma at BNB Rolfing Austin. After helping her with some Marketing and learning what she does, I decided to ask her for help since nothing else was helping.

First time was after I locked up, and I mean couldn’t move, under my left shoulder blade for the last time - guess why! I even have a different pillow now. That was two years ago.

Then this week, after a lot of stress, and other things, a rib became misplaced (I work on the computer A LOT and then I bend over canvases in weird ways) I can tell you, through tears, it’s not fun, and I couldn’t reach that spot. She not only adjusted my alignment with my tissues, but she relieved the pains in my stomach that have been on going. I came back home close to normal.

She is one of those people in life that I will never let go of and I will always trust. Rolfing is now a way of life I’ve embraced and I encourage you to look into it.

I’d recommend you set something up with her soon if you’re interested in something that works.

BTW Norma Bell-Bandy - thank you!!! Thank you, thank you! I can breathe and not feel like I’m being stabbed. I cannot thank you enough.

 by Elizabeth V.
Rolfing is so much more than any other body work I have ever experienced!

“A Rolfing session with BNB Rolfing Austin results in a feeling of space in the body which allows for a ‘remembering’ how to move as a functional whole that initiates from the deepest core of one’s being-physical, emotional and spiritual. Rolfing is so much more than any other body work I have ever experienced and they are particularly ‘gifted’ in its application!”