What to Expect

Rolfing is a series of sessions or steps towards better alignment and function. What we call the Basic Rolfing Series involves getting 10 sessions. Each one lasting approximately 50 minutes, unless you prefer them to be 80-90 min. Each session prepares the body for the changes and goals of the next session. Even though there are specific goals for each session they are very individual to your situation. The Advanced Series is 4-5 sessions done usually months after the basic 10. We also include movement education which offers additional experiential awareness and options in every day movements and  how you can use and further the changes. There are times when a “first aid” after an accident or “a tune up session” is needed – such as after a long road trip or ski trip or particularly stressful event. If you are not sure this work is “right” for you, you can do a 1-3 session series without committing to the 10 series. The training is such that if you had the work from another Rolfer, maybe even in another city, and want to see one of us , that is A-ok . You will not lose any progress by changing Rolfers.

“A Rolfing session with BNB Rolfing results in a feeling of space in the body which allows for a ‘remembering’ how to move as a functional whole that initiates from the deepest core of one’s being-physical, emotional and spiritual. Rolfing is so much more than any other body work I have ever experienced and they are particularly ‘gifted’ in its application!”
Elizabeth V.


  • We look forward to working with you in your journey towards more integration, and a sense of inner balance and freedom.
  • When scheduling, if you do not find a time that works well for you, feel free to email or text us to see if there are any other options.
  •  Payment can be done at the time of your appointment or online when scheduling. We do ask for 24 hour notice for all cancellations or full payment will be charged. To cancel or change an appointment , please go to your confirmation email and click on “this link”.  
  • A map to our office is on the “contact us” page.
  • We are a scent free office, please refrain from wearing scented lotions or perfumes. 
  • Men- wear boxers or light weight gym shorts. If you forget, we have some.
  • Women- wear bra and panties or loose tank top and loose light weight gym shorts
  • Hydrate well before your session ! Your brain and body are much more resilient when hydrated. 
  • Sessions last typically 50-60 min. Some people prefer 80 – 90 min sessions for an additional fee.
  • If you are over 6 feet tall and weigh 200 lbs. we ask that you add 15-30 min. additional time each session.
  • Sessions can be as close together as twice a week or as far apart as 3-4 weeks. This is a very individual preference. We will help you figure out the best timing. 
  • If you are in Austin for a short period of time, know that you can get a session and continue with another Rolfer somewhere else. We will help you find a practitioner in your area.
  • If you had the work from another Rolfer and want to see one of us, that is A-ok . Rolfing is taught in a consistent manner, such that if you started with a Rolfer in New York or California you could continue with a Rolfer in Texas and maintain  integration in your series.
  • Schedule your workouts, yoga, or massage 24 hours later. This is a preference not an absolute. It can be discussed with us at the time of your session. This promotes time after your session to relax and experience the changes. We understand daily schedules doesn’t always allow for this.
  •  If you have medical conditions you are concerned about,  talk with us at the beginning of your session.